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Research-Beased Practice and Super Duper Materials
At Super Duper® Publications, we rely on current research to develop practical, effective teaching materials. In other words, when we develop new products to deal with specific problems that children have in the areas of phonological awareness, reading, articulation, basic concepts, stuttering, social skills, etc., we look to scientifically researched theories and articles to guide us. Our goal in doing this is to provide you with products that work when you use them with your students.
As one example of this approach, the National Reading Panel confirms that a child's ability to read appears to improve significantly when teachers address the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary (National Reading Panel, 2000). Thus, we make sure that our reading products specifically address these areas.
Above is a list of various skill areas. Simply click on your area of interest to find the products and related research.