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Phonology Fold, Say & Do®

Stories and Activities Book

by Susan Rose Simms - Grades PreK-1

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Great take home!
by Marian P.,  Camarillo, CA
#BK279 - Phonology Fold, Say & Do®
This book, which includes a CD, is so easy to use and includes all the sounds I'm looking for. I can quickly print out materials for my preschoolers to take home for practice.

by Brian Cooling
#BK279 - Phonology Fold, Say & Do®
I really love using the card decks and the Photo Articulation Cards. The students really like playing games with them and I get them to do work at the same time! I also like the "Say and Do" series to use for home practice.

by Alicia McInnis
#BK279 - Phonology Fold, Say & Do®
I love the say and do games, as well as Artic Chipper Chat, but believe it or not, I still enjoy using my Jumbo Artic Drill Book.

by Jill Garwood, Stonington, IL
#BK279 - Phonology Fold, Say & Do®
I love the Phonology Fold and Say book! The stories are just the right length, entertaining, and silly all at the same time! They are great for auditory bombardment both in therapy and at home. Parents love these activities because they are self-explanatory and it gives them a better idea of what to help their child focus on.

BK279 -  Phonology Fold, Say & Do® $21.95 
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