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Token Towers®

An Interactive Reinforcement Tool

Grades PreK & Up, Ages 3 & Up

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Fantastic to use across so many tasks!
by Amanda,  Atlanta, GA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I've been wanting these Token Towers for quite a while. They are incredible visuals to use with so many of my clients. I use them for massed practice with my CAS kids, for number of questions before taking a turn for my language kids, etc.

Love the Token Tower
by Kelli O.,  Puyallup, WA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I am the SLP that completes all of the preschool evaluations for my school district, so I use the Token Tower daily. I don't know what I would do with out it! Kids love it and are quite motivated by it. Best thing ever!

Great reinforcement!
by Jill C,  Hiram, GA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I have been using these for my students' reinforcers/incentives for a few years. They really enjoy the tangible system and are excited about filling their towers up!

Towers for Artic
by Adina,  Florida
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I love these for keeping track of data- student only gets to put a token inside if production is perfect. First one to the top is the winner! Very motivating!

Love, Love, Love these!
by Cheryl P.,  Sumter, SC
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
My students love earning tokens while they are working! Using the Token Towers gives me the ability to quickly and efficiently reward target behaviors while we're working on S/L goals. No longer do I need to use time to verbally reinforce or correct behaviors - tokens are passed quietly to each student when I notice them doing what they need to do. Plus, I think they prefer the tokens to me telling them they're doing a good job!

Love them!!
by Jill D.,  Naples, FL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The Token Towers are wonderful!!! My students love them! They are always wanting to track their progress with the Token Towers and want to know what goal I will set for them that day. They love to compete against each other to see who can earn the most tokens for saying correct sounds, answering the most questions correctly or forming great sentences! A truly great motivator!

Excellent behavior management tool
by Katie K.,  Orlando, FL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I love these token towers! They are a great help for behavior management and for my students to count how many questions they answered correctly!

Excellent Reinforcer
by Rachel,  Maryland
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
These token towers are great reinforcers. I use them with students of all ages and stages. They're great as visuals to see when they can move onto the next activity.

Token towers
by Lisa H.,  Boynton Beach, Fl
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
All of my groups loved these towers! Easy to adapt if you have students who are low or high functioning.

Very versitile
by Kimberly M.,  Chicago, IL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Love these! They can be used in so many ways, from behavior reinforcement to providing students with a visual representation of their correct productions. You can adjust the goal for each student.

Great Reinforcer
by Carrie G,  Galloway, NJ
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is a great reinforcer for my students. In addition, it provides automatic feedback for the students. My only suggestion is that Super Duper make different colored tokens, this way, on the sounds that they produce incorrectly, they can give themselves a different color. At the end of the session we can add up how many were correct and how many incorrect. The SLP can easily get a percentage this way as well.

Token Towers
by Morgan C.,  Arlington, VA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is a great motivator for my children of all ages, but especially those in elementary school!

Token Towers
by Valerie C.,  Quebec, Canada
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The token towers are great as a renforcment. I use them every day in my work. Unfortunately, children broke the plastic towers... so this is the second time I buy the token towers. My suggestion is to make the plastic towers more rigid and solid!

These are great!
by Janet H.,  Summerville, SC
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I purchased token towers many years ago and my students love them. I use them to reinforce correct responses and have also used them to reward appropriate behavior. Students often don't want to stop until their tower is full. The past few years, I've worked in more than one school. If I didn't remember to bring the towers to the second school, the students were disappointed, so now I've purchased a second set to keep at my other location.

Great Reinforcement Tool
by Acquanlan H,  Killeen, TX
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The kids absolutely love the token towers! I use this for games I have made up or for drills and they love it!

Great Motivator
by Valerie B.,  Aurora, IL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
My kids love working for tokens. I often tell them if they get to a certain number they get an extra sticker on their sticker chart. Also take a token away for "bad behavior". Highly recommend!

Token Tower
by Kristi J,  Apopka, FL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Very pleased with the token tower. I was at my wit's end trying to get a 3 year old to work with me...nothing was working. She has now requested these 4 sessions in a row. We use a dice sometimes, and sometimes she will just work for one token at time. My only complaint is the zipper on the bag stopped working after two zips :(

Great Reinforcement Tool!
by Stephanie B.,  Richmond, VA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I had been looking at the Token Towers for quite some time and finally decided to purchase them with my own money. Wow! What a great investment! Even though it is a very simple concept, my students of all ages, from Pre-K to Fifth Grade, are asking to use them! A lot of bang for the buck!

Great Motivator!
by Sharon K.,  Farmington. MI
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is a remarkably motivating activity for kids. I used it with non-verbal (ASD) preschoolers through third grade general education students. Students love to fill up their tower to the top (or anywhere in between)! An added element of excitement is that sometimes the tokens land smiley-face side up; and sometimes they don't. This adds lots of opportunity for added conversation, problem solving, and even prediction.

Token towers
by Tammy C,  Las Vegas, NV
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Nice and simple. Very durable.

by Christine D,  Easthampton, MA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I use them with the included tokens, as well as with "counter" bears and dinosaurs. This helps young children sort by color (using all 4 colors at the same time. Children are SO motivated by these towers!

by Andrea C,  Port Washington, WI
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I just put this product on the shelf in my room. The kids just arrived back from spring break and I already have so many questions about the Token Towers and kids asking when we can use them! I'm excited and they are too!

Token toréer
by Julie D,  Montreal, CAN
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Great tool! I use it on therapy and the kids love it

Token Towers
by Lee,  Chicago, IL.
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The Token Towers are great for reinforcing good behavior throughout each lesson. The students respond very well and enjoy having them.

I love the Token Towers!
by Susan K.,  Steeleville, IL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is one of the best reinforcement tools I've used in a long time. I love that once the chips are inserted into the tower, the kids can view them, but they don't have the opportunity to play with/count the chips.

Exceeded my expectations
by Melinda Tangen-Hogue,  Miles City, Montana
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I ordered this product to use as a visual aid reward system for one of my students. I am impressed with the quality of the item and the speed of delivery from this company!

A Steal!
by Jackie,  Quincy, MA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is the perfect reinforcer. You'll use it over and over again. The kids never seem to get tired of it! I live the cute smiley faces on the chips. A little competition goes a long way towards motivating students!

Overall Good
by Ali,  US
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I like that this tool motivates certain children very easily. It's fun to make it into a competition where the client gets a token for a correct answer, and the therapist gets a token for an incorrect answer. I didn't give the product 5 stars because the quality of the plastic is low, the sides of the product have become scratched from the tokens only after a month of so of use.

Token Towers
by Stacey,  British Columbia
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The token towers have completely changed my ability to get my kids out the door on time for school in the morning. They earn tokens for each completed task (get dressed, eat, clear table, brush teeth, shoes, on, coat on, get in van, seat belt on, ect). The rings adjust depending on the desired prize. They choose their prize in advance to keep them motivated. The only downfall is the tokens have smiley face on one side and say 'super duper' on other side. I had to work through some rigid behaviour as one child wanted the smiley face to face upwards each time!

by Gwynee J.,  Riverside, CA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I use this daily. Students love earning more tokens. I give a prize to the student who earns the most tokens. I give them a chance to answer other students questions. This keeps them engaged throughout the session. This also increases retention, listening, and active learning through out the session.

Token Towers
by Alicia B.,  Stillwater, OK
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I love using these with my students! They love having a race with each other to see who can get the most tokens. This is such a good reinforcer!!

Token Towers
by Suzanne B,  Missoula, MT
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Although I purchased the towers to use in speech-language therapy, I ended up sharing with teachers to use for behavioral intervention. I've also recycled the packaging for structured learning activities for students with autism spectrum disorders!

Terrific Tokens
by Janine,  Winchester, VA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
These are a wonderful addition to my sessions! I use them for multiple things including rewards for each response, practicing counting, participation, etc. Many of my students (and coworkers) like to earn to play with them! They are very sturdy so all students can use them.

Towers of Fun
by Marian Z.,  Marlboro, NJ
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
My students flipped over this product. I used the Towers as the game during one of our articulation lessons. They loved watching their towers fill up while practicing correct production of their target sounds. Very versatile product. Can be used many ways, with the towers,or just using the tokens. Great purchase.

A Towering Help
by speechdoc,  Merrick, NY
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I use this to help with progress monitoring of my students. The kids love it as much as I do. They think we're playing a game while I'm monitoring their responses. It makes keeping track of each of my students within the session so easy. You would need two kits for groups of more than four.

Token Tower is for Everyone!
by Caitlin B,  Belwood, Ontario, Canada
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
As a new grad, I wanted materials that can be useful for a wide range of clients and disorders- toker tower is just it! Every kid I used it with has LOVED IT!

Love it!
by Ashley R.,  St. John's NL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Great tool for group work/ Keeps everyone motivated. Especially helpful with behaviors!

by Jacki N,  Darien, IL
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I will be purchasing another set of these. The kids request to use these during therapy over and over since I got them. We are also using them in a classroom to reinforce a student's behavior! Will you be selling additional tokens soon?

Token Towers
by Susan T,  Denver, Co
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
These are one of the most effective reinforcers/motivators for behavior disordered kids I have ever used. A must have for anyone dealing with emotional/behavioral issues.

Reinforcement and Math concepts
by Yvon Blais,  Ottawa, Canada
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is a replacement for one identical I had for a number of years (broke). I use this material very regularly, as reinforcement as much as to work on numeracy skills and basic mathematical concepts, with developmental delayed, specific language impaired, autism spectrum disordered children.

Great Tool
by Satisfied Special Education Teacher!!!,  Raleigh NC
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The token towers are fantastic tools to use to reinforce positive behaviors. The adjustable ring gives student a visual or target to work for and is great for student that may have difficultly understanding quantities and how many token they need to earn.

Token Towers
by Kate L.,  Yuma, AZ
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The numbers and lines rub off after some use!

So Versatile!
by Teri S.,  Fresno, CA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Token Towers is awesome! I love to use them for response cost when working on fluency. And the best part is that they work as positive reinforcement for everything else as well - artic, language, social skills, etc. You can even use it to reinforce good behavior during treatment sessions. Love this product!

All at Once
by Karla w.,  Bainbridge Is WA
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Motiveate students, provide Feedback and Collect data ...all at the same time!... Even in group sessions! With the Token Towers you can provide feedback on target productions and other desired behaviors. Reinforce students for attending quietly when it isn't their turn without interupting the flow of therapy.

Terrific Towers
by Ann H.,  Gassaway, WV
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I use these towers with all my students from age 3 to age 8. They love the tokens and feel rewarded each time they get one. They actually work harder to get more tokens for their tower until it overflows. It is an imediate reinforcer for all ages for any activity.

Thses work
by Melissa,  NY
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I combines this with a treasure chest of prizes I have and my kids earn tokens for following rules, doing chores, random acts of kindness etc. then when its full they get to pick out of the treasure box. I only gave it 3 stars because with my son- he became so tokan focused that it began consuming his day and all he was thinking about were tokans.

Pleased overall
by Michelle D.,  Dothan, Alabama
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The token towers are a great reinforcement tool. Also, you can use them to create healthy competition among students you see in groups. Children really like setting goals for themselves with the sliding ring which gives them a visual goal. You can reward good behavior/correct responses/good attempts at a target, and also take tokens away for the inverse. My only complaints are 1) they are difficult to transport and store 2) the coins are hard and heavy; potentially dangerous if they become projectile objects!

token towers
by Kelly,  Vermont
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
These are great reinforcers that quantify progress, making it easy to set measurable, visible goals.

good idea
by K. Murphy,  New Jersey
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I like that the Token Towers are motivational. My students challenge themselves (and each other) to produce their targets correctly so all of their chips can go into their tower. The towers and chips are a good size. The storage for the chips is convenient. What I don't like about them is the packaging is big to accommodate the bases of the towers. It would be more compact if the towers had to be placed in the bases.

Great Affordable Product
by Amber,  Michigan
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I love the token towers for my students with ASD. I use one daily during therapy sessions to keep students actively engaged throughout table time. In addition to task item completion, I also reward with a token for things like: coming to the table, sitting and waiting, etc.

Token Tower
by Julie L,  Plano, TX
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
Great tool for behavior skills during therapy sessions! My students love placing their tokens in and watching the towers fill up!

by Julie Hudacin
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
There is nothing for you to do better - I love your free shipping! The SuperDuper Products that I couldn't live without are: Chipper Chat - particularily artic chipper chat Fish and Say games Token Towers Feed the Animals and Webber Artic cards

by Rev. Dr. Kenneth G. Simurro, Jr.
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I enjoy the manipulatives the most. Even though I am not a speech teacher (my wife is an SLP-CCC), I am able to use your products to help my resource room students (in my general education class) to get the extra help they need.

by Jamie Azcona, Inwood, NY
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
The Token Tower Interactive Reinforcement Tool makes therapy fun--and data collection very easy.

by Jessica Flint, L, Ontario
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
This is my first time to your website after seeing some of your products being used by one of my SLP colleagues. I love all of your products...they can be used interchangeably from OT to SLP!

by Leeba Berger, Baltimore, MD
#CHIPS22 - Token Towers®
I absolutely love the Token Towers! I use them every day to reinforce good behaviors, motivate students, and to demonstrate progress. They can also be used during articulation therapy. They have been one of the best items that i have received so far. Thanks.

CHIPS22 -  Token Towers® $39.95 
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