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K Photo Fish™

Magnetic Language and Articulation Games

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The Photo Fish K magnetic game gives you everything you need to take your kids on an enchanting fishing expedition!
Simply place the target fish facedown in the "fish pond". Students take turns "catching" the magnetic fish with a fishing pole and saying the target words aloud.
Each Photo Fish game has:
  • Twenty-seven magnetic, matching photo-word fish pairs (54 total fish).
  • Each fish measures 3 7/8" x 2 3/4".
  • 6 bonus "Catch of the Day" fish.
  • One 36" x 23" fish pond.
  • Sturdy 12" x 6" plastic tackle box with a handle and inner tray.
  • Two 11" lightweight plastic fishing rods.
  • Instructions and game ideas sheet.
FAS777 -  K Photo Fish™ $44.99 
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