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Early Functional Communication Profile™

A Dynamic Assessment for Social Communication Disorders

by Sharlet Lee Jensen - Ages 2 through 10

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  • Ages: 2 through 10 years
  • Administration time: 35-40 minutes
  • Criterion referenced *
  • The Early Functional Communication Profile Complete Kit: Examiner’s manual and 15 profile forms. (2012)
  • Boxed
  • Qualification Level: A
The Early Functional Communication Profile assesses pivotal preverbal communication skills that children need to develop functional communication. This measure is sensitive to small, subtle changes in joint attention, social interaction, and communicative intent and is appropriate for students with moderate to severe disabilities (autism spectrum disorders, cognitive impairments, coexisting disorders, and augmentative/alternative communication systems).
The Early Functional Communication Profile assessment uses a hierarchy of prompts to provide information about the skills the child performs with some degree of adult assistance including information about developmental level, level of environmental prompt, and level of adult-action prompt. Use the Early Functional Communication Profile to determine a starting point in therapy and to show progress over time.
The Early Functional Communication Profile subtests:
  • Joint Attention – Requesting objects
  • Social Interaction – Turn-taking
  • Communicative Intent – Requesting continuation of actions
  • Communicative Intent – Requesting assistance
  • Social Interaction – Response to greetings
  • Joint Attention – Receptive language
  • Communicative Intent – Protesting
* This test is a criterion-referenced tool, not a norm-referenced instrument. Criterion-referenced tests assess the subject’s mastery of specified behaviors. Such tests provide information in order to plan instruction; they do not compare students to one another.
*This test does not yield standard scores, age equivalents, or percentile ranks.
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