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Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication (3rd)

Ages: 3 months-6 years

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  • Age Group: 3 months - 6 years
  • Testing Time: 15 to 30 minutes
  • EASIC-3 - Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, Picture Cards, 10 Prelanguage Inventory Booklets, 10 Receptive I & II Inventory Booklets, 10 Expressive I & II Inventory Booklets, 10 Prelanguage Profile Forms, 10 Receptive I & II Profile Forms, 10 Expressive I & II Profile Forms, a Developmental Age Chart (2008).
  • Qualification Level: A
Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication-Third Edition (EASIC-3) provides assessment items for students functioning under the language and cognitive levels of the average 6-year-old. Use EASIC-3 with children having developmental difficulties and those on the autism spectrum, as well as children with moderate to severe cognitive and language disorders.
EASIC-3 Features
  • New assessment items
  • Updated developmental age ranges
  • Restructured profiles correspond to revised Inventory items
  • Developmental Age Charts (Appendix A) correspond to the revised developmental data
  • Goals and Objectives List (Appendix B) corresponds to the new item hierachy on the Inventories and Profiles components
EASIC-3 Assessment
  • Provides the examiner with a systematic tool for evaluating a student's communication skills
  • Uses a simple format for recording the student's performance
  • Has a direct means for translating assessment data into appropriate goals and objectives for the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP)
EASIC-3 Components
  • EASIC-3 Inventory - assesses the areas of prelinguistic skills, semantics, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics.
  • EASIC-3 Profile - summarizes the content of the Inventories and provides the examiner with a means of recording a student’s performance on each assessment item for five (5) consecutive evaluations, allowing the examiner to compare student growth and/or regression over time.
  • EASIC-3 Developmental Age Charts - provides the examiner with a means of profiling the student’s performance by the age at which the child should acquire a particular skill. This information helps the examiner estimate the child’s overall developmental language age and provides another referent for selecting appropriate goals and objectives for the IEP.
  • EASIC-3 Goals and Objectives - corresponds to the inventory items. The examiner assesses the student using relevant inventory levels and records the student’s performance on the correlating Profiles and Developmental Age Charts. This allows the examiner to select goals and objectives from skill areas that are emerging.
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